About Us

About Us

The Public Works Training Institute (PWTI) provides courses that support the public works industry.  

With leadership from the municipal governments throughout the Pinellas County area, PWTI stays up-to-date on its curriculum.  

PWTI provides courses, consulting, and offers scholarships in three categories to support this valuable industry.

We partner with our clients and industry professionals to provide training addressing the most important needs in the field of public works at the moment.  

Currently, PWTI is focused on providing courses supporting the Commercial Drivers License requirements, ADA Accessibility on Rights-of-Ways, Traffic, and Arborist Test Preparation..


Think of the Public Works Training Institure when filling your organizations safety and operations training.  We are specialist at providing training.  PWTI’s Leadership comes from trained educational professionals and many of our contract instructors come from the industries in which they teach.

Ready to Schedule?

Contact us at rgorman@pwti.org  or 727.470.7553 to set up a training class at your location or online. Continuing education is what we do. Please let us know your needs and allow us to use our expertise in professional development to work the problem.